Loving yourself is really f*cking hard! I learnt that the hard way.

There are SO MANY setbacks with trying to love yourself! Especially with society’s constant expectations and comparisons. Fortunately, my parents met and BUILDING BETTY started!

This blog will support your journey to love your mind, body and soul! Have the confidence and inner reassurance to face the world’s shit balls of discouragement knowing it won’t change how you feel about YOU!

I’m now recognising how unprofessional my word choices are, but I promise you I have a university degree and have read/watched about everything to better understand how to love yourself unconditionally.

With saying that, it’s never an end result, it’s a constant PROCESS. I’m still on the journey of inner bonding and internal happiness but I’ve learnt so much and want to share it with you guys!

BUILDING BETTY is all about BUILDING YOU. Subscribe to start your journey of self-love and self-development!

Let me be wise and leave the best quote I could find after googling ‘unique growth quotes’…

“Just because we’re magic, doesn’t mean we’re not real” – JW.

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