An ignorant bliss world not wanting a happy illusion destroyed….

Ever realise mankind is actually a whole? We’re one species…. Quite reassuring with all the division lately. 

Can you imagine a world where we didn’t have human labels? Where places weren’t linked to ethnicity?

We have forgotten that the only race that should matter in this world is the human race.  (I’m an environmentalist, so I’m not going to say we’re the most important) 

We’ve almost forgotten how we were and still are a whole. We made the division with ethnicity, skin, hair, eyes, lines on a map, the name of a location, religion….

Before the koas and destruction, before the tears and heartbreak, and before the division, we all were one.

Animals metres high, with teeth almost as large as us, couldn’t find the means to survive. But we, the unique species we are, survived against the dangers of the world.

Mankind created farms and empires. We built cities and homes.

Birds flew, so we found a way to fly. Sharks swam, so we conquered the sea.

On the quest to merely survive on this planet, we’ve won, we’ve dominated.

It was once us versus the world. Now it’s me versus you.

Freud (1930) (And yep I just referenced… my professor would be so proud) was a philosopher who believed mankind was truly evil; the worse type of species. I mean, that’s a bit intense but he had some valid points….

For one, we believe we are the most significant species. We’re egocentric – the ideology that the world revolves around us. The environment is here to serve us… the sun is there to warm us.

He goes on to talk about how mankind will go to any means necessary to get what we want – we manipulate and we kill.

We find ourselves depending on religions, spiritual beliefs, books, motivational videos and happy songs to learn and to adapt to the basic principles of happiness, kindness and selflessness.

The need for governments and laws goes as far as saying we need to be controlled in order to be in peace.

A species unsatisfied with the planet they were made in, that we now hunger for more elsewhere.

The sad reality is, the world isn’t a happy place. There, of course, is happiness within us, but we are not happy and we are not satisfied.

We have to see, to feel. And the moment we stop, we’ve washed it away.

Notice how we feel sorrow for those who are hungry, just as we feel sorrow for ourselves for not being able to afford the new iPhone upgrade.

We get a general satisfaction for liking or sharing news about people less fortunate – as though that will feed our guilt. Yep, I’ve shared a sick child on fb, I’ve clearly helped him…. 

We’ve accepted how the world is and is becoming because it’s simple the way it is and the truth, well the truth, is unbearable for us to comprehend.

An ignorant bliss world not wanting a happy illusion destroyed…..

Our fight only goes as far as how much it affects us directly.

What religion was 100 years ago, is not what it is now.

With our advanced technology, mankind refuses to believe without seeing. And those who do believe, are faced with challenges that are now a part of mankind’s norm.

It’s scary to think we can live our day-to-day lives, knowing and understanding the pain of others…..almost feeling nothing.

We’ve adapted natural mechanisms to stop the guilt.

(Ever go down your newsfeed and see something so heartbreaking, then get mad at yourself for going on your phone?)

Our natural instincts to fear – from the boogie man under the bed to fearing death, is almost like we know bad karma is coming our way…..

We linger behind screens, editing our flaws and filtering our backgrounds just so we’re deemed happy…. just so the world looks happy.

In fact, we go as far as showing the rest of the world we have everything, and they have nothing.

But the scariest thing upon all is, that we fool ourselves in the midst of trying to fool others….

So we can blur our mild sorrows, fear and sadness with a peaceful scroll down edited photos.

So we can remain happy. 





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