Another life post.

Ideally, I would prefer you reading this with a motivational or slow song in the background, to really get in your feelings. Nothing music can’t set.

This is most definitely going to be another typical yet relevant sum of words emphasising why life is so damn short.

Our robotic lives are undeniably going to end. That is for sure out of our hands. We all hear it over and over again but only a few comprehend the concept.

For some reason, we believe our setbacks and obstacles in life make us less of a person. I mean, would Tupac Shakur really be him if he had grown up rich and stable? Wealthy Gospel.  

Whenever you’re feeling tested, don’t dread on why it’s you, stand up for the challenge and believe it’s only here to make you stronger. Even an easy and simple life is unfortunate, you never understand the true beauty of living.

Separate yourself from your emotions.

Question your dreams and prospects. Are your dreams really your dreams? Or, are you accepting the world’s plan, written before you even stepped into existence?

You’ll never fly if you don’t jump. But don’t jump with the fear of falling, jump with the hope of flying.

The people in your life will always help you with your journey, whether it’s a blessing or a lesson, appreciate them.

We do, or we should, have control over how we live our lives.

You only get one chance to complete everything, to see everything, to be whatever you desire.

Don’t make it a dream, make it a reality.

Stand your ground, protest, preach, influence.

Eat that cake. Run that lap.

Regret nothing..! And do everything.

Buy a ticket now and fly out tomorrow. The world provides us with so much beauty, the least you could do is see it.

Help another being. Hold the door for the person behind you, sponsor someone, give your change away, buy your friend coffee, tip the waitress.

The future is influenced by what you do today, not tomorrow.

Step back and check yourself. Reflect, pray, meditate. Read. Write.

Stay humble.

Be you.


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