Lifetime of love types

I wanted the opening sentence to be something dramatic like what is love? but I don’t want you guys sitting there questioning if this post will be another corny love post.

Let’s face it, it’s (my favourite word) complicated!

Commonly we throw the word love out more to people we generally wouldn’t say ‘I utterly and deeply love you’ too. I love you mann!

People of the New Testament also say they love things they, well, truly just really like?


We say ‘love ya’ to our parents, ‘ily’ to our friends and ‘I love you’ to our partners, all people we essentially love but love differently.

As usual, the legends. . . Ancient Greeks made our lives easier and justified the different types of love we experience. Or are hopefully going to experience…soon….soon soon.

Phileo Love 

Phileo love is the love you chose to endeavour because of the characteristics of someone else. Usually, a friend you feel open, tender or lively around. These people you have an interest with and most likely reflect your natural characteristics. I like to call this, basic a** love or the ‘ily’ type of love.



Eros Love 

Eros love is the dangerous high-feeling love you get from people you’ve just meet. The emotionally or physically obsessed kind of love. Generally occurs when you’re first dating someone, A.K.A. honeymoon period. Or the soul mate friend you’ve just found; I thought I was the only crazy one……?  Eros love is unbalanced. I mean, if your new partner didn’t upload a picture on your birthday, you’ll stop loving them right? mhmm maybe that’s just me actually.                             9195750.gif


Storage Love 

This is the unconditional love we have for our families. Where the phrase ‘blood is stronger’ comes into play! I mean, friends come and go, but families always there…. cheesy!  You can’t get rid of this love and we often replicate it to show our friends we truly love them; you’re like family dude…                                 tumblr_inline_o5wda07RUS1rvch9f_500.gif


Agape Love

Is the sucky love we can’t help. We do get to choose our agape love but we should choose wisely, you’re generally stuck with them for a while. You’re bound to love them regardless of their flaws or your feelings towards them on the outer surface. I hate that I love you arghh!  It’s the kind of love you have for the people you chose to spend so much of your life with. They could be a little crazy and you could spend hours questioning why they’re still in your life, but you’re stuck with them forever muahaha.. or at least till you grow some ba**s anyway.                             giphy.gif


So next time you tell someone you love someone more, you don’t! You just love them differently… in saying that however, some love types are obviously deeper than others, so don’t go telling your parents you love them like you love your friends…


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