Power in energy

I guess when you first think of the concept of energy, you think of ” the ability of a system to perform work”. If you google it anyway. 

But energy is not just something you physically need, it’s somewhat a field around you.

Think about it, the exciting feeling you get when you’re with someone, in particular, is good energy right?

And the dreadful discomfort you get when you’re with another is bad.

Energy is so important because it’s around you forever. It has control over your feelings, your choices and most importantly, your life.

A human, you, me, are all a complex reflection of the world’s energy.

We are what the energy around us reflects.

That’s why it’s so important for us to be around people that produce good energy.

Sounds a bit cheesy doesn’t it?

Don’t worry! I can provide facts; there was a 25-year long research done by social psychologist David Mcclelland about the significance of the people around you, on your life.

The results… kind of scary! Brace yourselves….

He found out the people around you affect up to 95% of your life’s success! That’s basically complete control over your life.

….and not just in terms of your career but also your health, religion, income levels, travels, the way you talk and even more frightening, the way you walk! You better be walking right ladies. 

Mhmm… interesting

So If you’re questioning if a friend is worth being around or keeping, ask yourself this, do you want to be like them? If not, then well they shouldn’t be around. Simple.

Think of it like this, when you’re 90 years old and you’re sitting at the front of your retirement home reflecting on life, drinking that 100,000th cup of coffee (or if you’re like me, wine) you’re going to regret giving the wrong people control over your only life.

Or at least the regret of letting your friends convince you with getting a tattoo overseas. Thanks guys! (insert: tree)

So if you want that awesome happy life Cinderella promised you as a child, you might need to filter everything around you with fairy dust.

All good vibes, all good energy.

After all, you are who your friends are.





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