How to compliment a girl without being offensive?

Having media that’s based on giving compliments or profiling, has made giving a girl a compliment a whole lot more difficult.

Girls want to be beautiful and they want to be reminded they are.

But when does a compliment go wrong?

Often men compliment a particular feature of a girl they like. The issue, however, arises when the compliment taints a woman’s worth or it then becomes a woman.

Living in a world of social media makes it that much harder for girls to be anything but their photos or their appearance (and yes, it goes both ways)

Giving someone a compliment is inevitable. Guy looks at girl or girl looks at guy and our first response is to judge them by their appearance. And that’s okay! Giving a compliment is okay. 

However, if a compliment comes with an intention or a sexualising statement, the compliment instantly becomes an insult or a downgrading comment.

So, how do you give a compliment?

  1. Don’t make your compliment your only approach. Drop a pen in front of her if you have to.
  2. Give your compliment later down the conversation. Nothing’s better than receiving a compliment from someone that know’s why you’re out or dressed up.
  3. Don’t be surprised if your tops drenched with alcohol, particularly if you have an opening line mentioning someone’s ASSet. Then again, who knows, maybe you save having a whole conversation and your pickup’s successful. But don’t you love your clean white top (that you’ve other brought or ironed to look half decent) enough to not risk it?
  4. Let us know your intentions. If you’re just giving someone a compliment, say it’s just a simple compliment and a girls response will be that more delightful. She may even continue the conversation.
  5. Compliment us as a whole. Let us know our 2-hour process of getting ready was worth it.


Nothing is better than receiving a compliment from someone that’s uplifting or makes you feel beautiful or ‘sexy’.

In saying that however, nothing is worse than feeling like a certain part of your appearance is the only noticeable thing about you.

It’s not just a statement to a girl.

In some cases even, girls might reinforce that part of themselves because they don’t see otherwise.

To all the guys trying to pick up, use your words wisely because giving a girl the right compliment might be the key to your successful pickup. Good luck! 




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