Part 1: Dear 13 year old

Dear 13 year old,

By now you’ve probably grown to understand what lies ahead in your teenage years.

If I’m right, you’re probably reading this with straight hair , or what you believe is straight, and a couple strokes of lipgloss.

You walk into school telepathically knowing your friends will sit at your group spot.

You probably dislike your teachers for telling you to be quiet when you’re sending your friends letters.

You probably have agreed assigned seats prepared by your classmates.

You’ve nearly finished your first year at High School with your life-long best friends. You probably have a group name; the first letter of all your first names perhaps?

You don’t really like eating during your break because cool kids don’t eat food.

You’ve come back from school wondering if your crush will ever like you as you like him.

You’re worried who you think is the better-looking friend will date your crush before you do.

You’ve probably got a plate of food in front of you, which your mother gave to you before your little argument about walking to the car late.

You’ve considered moving out at least twice this week.

Your parents don’t really know what’s best for you, do they?

You’re younger siblings are weird and your older siblings think they’re in charge, but you’re the only normal one.

Playing with your neighbours was so last year right? Now they’re all just kids screaming, running up and down the street.

You miss your ex-best-friend whom you ditched for your new friends, which you kind of regret right?

Look up, you’re probably looking at your first celebrity-topless photo.

Ewww, who wants to get married?

Look at your desk, you probably have a cute frame with the label ‘friends’, with a picture of you and your best friends. The photo’s probably not straight because you don’t have a front camera and your hands probably have the peace sign up.

You have a collection of eye shadows, some with glitter, some without.

Hear that? That’s the sound of MSN notifications going off.

You don’t understand why your parents can’t buy you a new laptop, I mean cmon, you really need it!

You have your favourite CD single playing in your room and it’s most likely your MySpace page song.

You’re probably thinking lol.

You think your mother wrote this letter.

You’re wrong.



Sincerely yourself, 8 years from now. 

P.S. You’re about to endeavour life lessons, it’s not the end of the world. She’s not worth it. He’s not worth it. I’m here being you, and I’m awesome.

P.P.S. You pass your exams, don’t worry!







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