9 things children with troubled parents want you to know…

Growing up without the cliche’ household, everyone around me seems to have, was unbalancing. I went through this at a mature young age, and often had to explain myself a lot. Here are some things i want my friends/family and the rest of the world to know:

  1. Trust Issues
    We overthink EVERYTHING. Do they want to be your friend? Are you worth it to them? Should they still be your friend? Do you trust them? Why do people to that? You often find yourself questioning and testing people.
  2. We are AWARE
    If you’re like me, you’re aware of everyone’s actions, tones in messages, efforts etc., because you’re so used to investigating your parents. You calculate almost everything. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why am I so good at maths?
  3. Speaking about the past
    You often find yourself answering questions about your past unconsciously. Almost like you’ve “perfected” the script. But really it’s a barrier to avoid showing weakness.
  4. Action speak louder than words
    You’ve become immune to people telling you how they feel, and often don’t believe it. I mean, if they truly love you, want to see you, or miss you; then they will? You have a low tolerance for mistakes. You’ve grown up on broken promises, so you have a tendency to see if people will actually keep them.
  5. Commitment is Key
    If you’re like me, commitment is the most desirable thing. We love deeply and often put how hearts on our sleeves. You’re other with us completely, or not with us at all. We don’t have time for flaws in relationships.
  6. Dating is so much harder
    If you’re talking to a guy you’re interested in, you often find yourself ticking a checklist; I mean is he really dating material? Do you trust him?
  7. Fighting with your siblings
    Your siblings are your best friends. They’re in fact the only people who truly understand what you’ve been/going through. Fighting with them is like fighting with your stability. So you often go to them for advice.
  8. Helping people
    You have this tendency to fix or help people. You often find yourself chasing any help needed. You want to understand what people are going through, so you can fix it before they feel how you feel.
  9. Which comes to my last point…. we’re truly sorry.
    We’re sorry we make talking about parents so awkward, we can’t help it. We often keep quiet when people talk about their parents; good or bad. We want what you have, we’re jealous people. Appreciate it.

Hopefully, that’s all relatable and helpful!

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