Morning Complications

You’ve probably questioned my title; why is complication key? If you haven’t, you’re hopefully questioning it now; that is, if you’re paying attention. Complication is inevitable. Whether you’re in a hectic lifestyle, or in a situation per secomplication is always going to be the backbone to your life experiences. But why you? Why is life so complicated?

This blog will consist of complication aspects of everyday life. In saying that, I’m not (fortunately) a retired woman, embracing her life experiences through the web. Let’s just say, I’m old enough to know the lifestyles of many, and young enough to experience them. For some odd reason, nothing’s the way I plan it to be, whether it’s a lifestyle I’m trying to incorporate, friendships, my own opinion etc. It’s just so complicated really. Why is it that, I can’t simply wake up on my back, open my eyes and smile; with long luscious hair, healthy skin, a flat stomach, and a life I’m ready to jump out of bed for?
But nope. I wiggle around, realising I’m uncomfortable. I need my fingers to warm up my eyelids before they prepare themselves to essentially lift 30 odd kilos of skin. I open my eyes slowly enough to give my brain some time to process what’s about to happen. And just like that… my first thought comes to play. Negative, of course.
Shitttttt, I have to get up. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate life. And I think that’s where I lose people in argument. Once I accept that sleep isn’t an education, work or a money making task, I get up; difficult to accept of course, but I finally digest the truth. It’s not until I get out of the shower, I realise I’m grateful to be alive. Get where this is going? Complicated.

Of course, I don’t know what I’m wearing, taking me 15 mins to register that I need to get into clothes and off this undone bed.

Then comes eating. Eating is life. I could happily say, it’s part of the reason I have a pure mind in the morning (and I say ‘part’ just to make me sound normal), the excitement gets real. Lately, a lot of people are starting to embrace the importance and addiction of food. Food being the new artist on the block. Which has really supported my confidence to stuff my face in as i please, in public. I could upload a photo of a slice of cake and receive an audience. Only negative associations with publicising food, is making people hungry. Dangerous thing to do. Because food is living. And just like that, I’ve made my introduction to breakfast complicated.

As i rush to start my car up, i unconsciously grab my phone. Not phased about being a couple of minutes behind schedule. The key to make this 30 min drive bearable, music!  Sounds can easily set your mood, but of course, everyone knows that; excuse the ranting. So it’s important i pick the write 3 min tone, to start my first emotional thought for the rest of the day. Mind you, i don’t have the experiences in life to really reflect in the car naturally. Which never really stops me from actually wondering and questioning life. I haven’t had a notebook played out break-up, no one close to me has passed away – thank goodness, and I’m pretty sure (and i say it, trying to be confident, because of course i question nearly everything) I’m in a great place with all my friends and family, yet there’s this void, just laying there, waiting to be closed off. I mean, it’s complicated.

Moral of this entry, life is complicated. As I got older, I started to accept how nothing in life should be simple. But that’s what makes us, and life, so beautifully iconic. There’s no 1 answer. The second we try to find purpose and answers, is the second we unconsciously create an ugly barrier to what living life really means. I say this ironically, still looking for answers. I mean this blog itself is reinforcing how complicated life is. But isn’t that what it’s all about? “That journey”

20 minutes went by, which is longer than I’d hoped for. And I find the perfect tune. Then my protection guard; my seat-belt, comes on, and I start to reverse.

But of course, I made that fresh moment complicated, by attempting to make the perfect 90-degree turn without getting into first gear. Complication is key…

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